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Welcome to DAILYINCOMENEED Business Presentation

Note DailyIncomeNeed help you to Make money every minute completely on autopilot without doing any strange job or task.


DailyIncomeNeed is an online Cash Generating automated platform in Nigeria that help any one in any part of Nigeria & other countries of the world to earn Daily income by combing 3 powerful business module i.e Automated Digital Marketing, Affiliate Program & Leverage Trading to make nothing less than N2500-N15000 daily with just N4500 as your only startup capital.

DailyIncomeNeed [D.I.N] aim to make sure that any person who become a bonified member of these great platform makes money from day 1 of joining the platform. Everything is completely done for you and all you need to do is to start with just N4500 as your entry fee to the system and make all the money.


What is Dailyincome BluePrint. It is digital product that is packaged to teach you how to earn minimum of N2500-N15000 with your mobile phone daily leveraging in 3 industry that can never fail you which include, LeverageTrading [LT], DailyIncomeNeed Affiliate Program [DINAP] and Done for Me DailyIncomeNeed [DFDIN] Sale Funnel. Combing this 3 area make it possible for any student of our program to earn roughly N2500 –N15000 Daily Income every single day at the comfort of their home using their mobile phone.

Hard Truth you should know

The economy of the world is changing rapidly, things are getting costlier every day by day and there is no enough money to meet daily expense for an average person in the world especially here in Nigeria. If you choose to do physical business, there is a lot of things you need to get right and so many money to burn in the table like renting of shop, stocking of goods in your shop, paying government task, looking for customer, you may roughly need N50,000 – N500,000 to start any small business in Nigeria and there is no guarantee of you making money or recovery even your trading capital.

What about Job?, you may ask

No Job in the country and even the available Job come with so much condition that cannot favour you, even if you eventually get a Job, the monthly salary for an average Nigeria worker is between N10,000-N100,000 which is not enough to solve problem especially if you are a family man or woman, what we are saying here is that you need Plan B source of income that can be combine together with your current physical Job or Business to earn you enough cash to solve your immediate problem and finally become financially free for life using the Leverage Trading strategy that will be taught in this training, this training guide is like a river of water that make it possible for any person in Nigeria to earn money no matter how the country turn into. You must make money after going through this training that is a bold promise we make to you so do not skip any part of the training guide but go through each chapter thoroughly, you can even print it out to study it and apply every action step stated on the training and see yourself move from having zero bank account to having over a Million naira within the next 1 month.

To start with, we shall be looking briefly about what we are to learn in this Daily Cash Blueprint Master class training Guide

  1. What is cryptoCurrency
  2. Cryptocurrecny Trading
  3. Why this training is important to you now
  4. Leverage Trade Signal and Platform overview
  5. Step by step guide on how to setup Trading account
  6. Precaution to take
  7. Understanding of ALSA Leverage Trading
  8. Calculating our profit margins on ALSA Leverage Trading
  9. Done for me DailyIncomeNeed Sale Funnel
  10. DailyIncomeNeed Affiliate Program
  11. Calculating our Profit on DailyIncomeNeed Affiliate Program
  12. Calculating our Profit on DailyIncomeNeed Done for Me Sale Funnel
  13. Further mentorship

Further Explaination to DailyIncomeBlueprint

This Digital ecourse product aims to teach anyone in any part of Nigeria or other country what you need to do daily in other to earn enough money to pay all your bills and quite your Job in the long run. The training is divided into 3 and it focus in 3 industries which are Affiliate Marketing Industry, Digital Marketing Industry and Crypto-Trading Industry. This Training course also teaches you how to make 2 type of income which Passive and Active Income.

Defining the 2 type of income

Active Income: is the money that comes into your pocket that demand you to work before the money can come that means sales are requires for these kind of money to come in. You will use Daily Income Need Affiliate Program & Daily Income Need Done for Me Sale Funnel to make all your Active income in this training & program.

Passive Income: is money that come into your pocket without you being active to do any work or sale. You will use ALSA Leverage Trading to make all your passive income in this training & Program.

Our focus for you in this training is to move the cash you make from Daily Income Need Affiliate Program & Done for Me Daily Income Need Sale Funnel into ALSA Leverage Trading which will give you passive income that will help you to make money without working again for the rest of your life.

We shall kick of this ecourse with Leverage Trading Lecture and subsequently Daily Income Need Affiliate Program & Daily Income Need Done for Me Sale Funnel will come in after we must have learned ALSA Leverage Trading.

Register on DailyIncomeNeed now and get acces to this ecourse noww with just N4500 to have instant access to the Dailyincome BluePrint. The ecourse is just about 17 pages of write up which you can finish and start  right away under 24 hours from now.

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